Haitians Helping Haitians

Be the Change.

We know what the
problems are…

We asked a few Haitian Americans and Haitians living in Haiti. Both said virtually the same things.


feel the main economic issues the country is facing are unemployment and lack of export of goods. 90% or more of the population is unemployed and 95% of products being used in Haiti are imported.

The state of the agriculture. It once was a stable point. It’s no longer the longer case. We import almost everything now.

So, it’s not really safe to invest in Haiti. However you can invest in informal business because the challenges are enormous for legal business. It’s about what kind of business you want to do.

It’s time for solutions.

Instead letting the blan collect money for us, we want to control the solutions and make positive change.

the time is now.

creating a movement needs movers.

Haitians Helping Haitians

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